Monday, June 25, 2007

It Went So Well!

Thank you for coming, thank you for your support! I am so pleased with everybody's performances in House of Bread - it was really a neat experience for me to see and hear other singers "inhabit" songs that I've written - very, very gratifying. I don't know what else to say about that - cool experience!

We will probably release it on CD; I'll broadcast that when we do. And when I get some of the still photos taken (it was also videotaped--), I'll put some up.

The 'Ruth' page on my website now includes the background information I included in the program book, interesting details about the significance of Boaz's mother (well, interesting to me!), etc. And the lyrics are available at Moonbird Music, my publishing company's site.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

House of Bread

I know, I shouldn't brag - and I'm not bragging. I'm attempting to learn the fine art of self-promotion (you never took me for modest, did you? ha).

Next weekend we're putting on a "musical" (a song cycle with narration) that I've written based upon the book of Ruth. The other singers involved are extremely affirming ("this is very powerful--") and it's one of those rare times when I know that God is pleased with me... I like that.

I'm also very touched by the number of people driving over a hundred miles to see it (and only *one* such person is family: hi, mom!) - taking the train, and one even flying. It moves me profoundly; I am truly blessed.

Another weird little piece of miscel- lany: The 1990 NOT Tolkien Calendar, a calendar I created (as mastermind, producer, and one of the artists) along with Sherwood Smith (aka CISL), my companion in goofiness, is actually a treasured part of some rather prestigious Tolkien collections (for example, Marquette--) and here's a fun little quote from a Tolkien calendar collector online:

"As to my favorites, my top 5 list would have to include:

1. The 1974 A&U signed by Professor Tolkien (more precious than ANY ring to me!)
2. The 1998 Khandlendar done by Alex Lewis (yes, THE Alex Lewis). It is a hoot-and-a-half!
3. The 1990 NOT Tolkien Calendar (Mythopoeic Society). It is a hoot!
4. The 1969 illustrated by Tim Kirk because it is the first one ever and because Tim Kirk sent a copy of it to me (very cool!)
5. The 1973 Ballantine because it's the first of the commercially published calendars. I have a mint (unopened in its mailer that looks like it could be on a store shelf today) copy of it. I have two copies of most of the commercially published calendars: one mint (unopened mailer or still shrinkwrapped) and one for "reading".

I like any of the calendars issued by the various Tolkien societies (including especially Beyond Bree where Nancy Martsch has been a great resource). These were illustrated by non-professionals. I very much appreciate their abilities to put pen to paper and give us their concepts of Tolkien's world."

His site and here is the page on which our little puppy can be found.

It really is extraordinary when a project done as a lark ends up as a desirable collectible!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Ramblin' Lynn sez... can tell if you're in heaven because:

the chefs are French, the administrators are Swiss, the lovers are Italian, the engineers are German, and the police are English (don't stand so close to me-- or I'll hurt you with my guitar pick).

But if it's hell, the chefs are English, the administrators are Italian, the lovers are Swiss, the engineers are French, and the police are German.

I know of what I speak. I used to own a Renault Fuego, a car I really enjoyed except for the repairs. Watching the face of the
uninitiated mechanic when he pops the hood of a Fuego for the first time is quite wonderful. Or it would be, if one wasn't paying for his learning experience. *sigh*

thanks to Arturo for the "Ramblin' Lynn" photo and moniker
-- who loves yer baby? (well, I hope you do--)